Monday, April 8, 2013

Open floor plan--kitchen, dining room, and living room

Start your day with breakfast and coffee while enjoying views of Lake Michigan from the kitchen, dining room, or expansive (30+ feet wide) living room. Three sets of Peachtree windows overlook the deck and the lake.

Looking west into the kitchen, which overlooks the deck and provides great views of the beach and lake.

View looking south with the kitchen at left. The furniture shown here is only temporary as we determine how we would like to outfit the space.

Looking north in the living room with the deck and lake at left and the kitchen to the immediate right.

View of the dining room (at left) and kitchen (at right) from the living room. This picture was taken when the previous owners lived here, so none of the furniture remains.

View of the living room, deck, and lake from the dining room.

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